100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club is designed to encourage physical activity. Through this program, every student is challenged to jog, run or walk 100 miles during the school year, while earning award incentives along the way. 

Looking for any easy way to get involved on campus?

Sign up to help at one of our monthly Recess Fun Runs.
It takes less than an hour and is a fun way to support your child and their class mates!

How Students Earn Miles

Students have several ways to acheive the 100 mile goal, including: 

Class Runs

Regular 100-Mile Club runs with their class (schedules vary by teacher)

Monthly Fun Runs

Once a month, PTO volunteers play music and count laps during morning recess. Students who run at least two laps receive a special charm!   

Morning Laps

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, PTO volunteers are available to count laps from 7:50-8:10 for students who want to burn off energy & squeeze in some extra laps before school. 

Cougar Trek

Cougar Trek Jog-a-Thon, Loma Vista's spring fundraiser .

Dino Dash

TPSF's Annual Fun Run, held every November 

And More!

In fact, there are SO many ways to earn miles, we often have several students who achieve 200 miles by the end of the year!