Volunteer Opportunities

TUSD Policy regarding volunteer vaccinations

To protect the health and safety of students and staff, the states requires all adults to either be vaccinated for COVID or submit a negative COVID test to be on campus. 

This include adults who volunteer in classrooms, in on-campus PTO events such as appreciation luncheons and awards events, in snack bars at sporting events, etc.

If you need clarification whether your volunteer service is covered under this order, please contact the Loma Vista Front Office at (714) 730-7528 or [email protected].  

To Submit Proof of Vaccination
Please use this Google Form to upload photo proof of vaccination. Without this step, volunteers will need to submit a photo showing a negative COVID test (using the same form) within a week prior of volunteering on any school campus. 

In the event you are unable to upload proof of vaccination or negative test result, you may email the photos (along with your volunteer site and full name on the subject line) to [email protected], and a staff member will assist you in completing the form.